Students, entrepreneurs and innovators

We at MaCri are busy studying, starting up new bussineses and nurturing our portfolio. But if you've got a good idea and need our help we can fit you in :)

How do you create the idea?

Much litteratur have been written about creativity and idea generation. Research have shown ( that high creativity doesn’t corellate with IQ, a certain thresshold is needed though. Its all about finding the right enviroment, the right frame of mind and setting aside some time specificly for idea creation. Having a diverse team sharing knowledge and ideas also fosters ideas.  … Read more →

Getting started and following through on your ideas

By follow through with your ideas i don’t mean you have to pursue every idea you get. And definitely not that you should start a business without planning. But if you have an idea you think is good you should follow it until you are proven wrong by your research. Because if it really was a great idea chances are… Read more →

MaCri Launch!

We here at MaCri are very excited about the launch of our brand new website!!!! We don’t have much content yet, and since we are very busy people there probably wont be for quite some time  Read more →

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